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رائد فضاء يحتفل بذكرى زواجه بطريقة  فريدة بالمحطة الدولية.. صور

An astronaut celebrates his wedding anniversary in a unique way at the International Station.. Photos

NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough has an eye for taking great pictures, so it’s no surprise that on his wedding anniversary this week, he used his camera skills to send a special message all the way from the International Space Station (ISS) to his wife, Digitartlends reports.

The 54-year-old American astronaut reached the orbital position 250 miles above Earth in April 2021 after blasting off from the Kennedy Space Center aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with three other crew members.

Kimbrough revealed how he was missing his wife on their 30th wedding anniversary, adding, “To help celebrate my mate I wanted to share some of the features I’ve discovered about the amazing heart shaped planet Earth.”

And images as he stares from the space station over the past four months have captured stunning scenes where land and water have come together to create the familiar symbol of love.

Kimbra’s wedding anniversary didn’t just coincide with his stay on the International Space Station.

In June the astronaut joined the elite club of earthlings who had their birthday in space, of course the six fellow crew members threw a party, although admittedly it wasn’t your usual birthday party.

On his second trip to the International Space Station After his first in 2016, Kimbrough has earned a reputation aboard the space station for his photography skills, an activity that many astronauts love to enjoy when spending time at their regular work doing experiments and performing maintenance work. on the satellite.

Here are some other photos Kimbrough has taken from the station in recent weeks.

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