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An astronomer takes a picture of the solar waterfall

Prepared by: Muhammad Ezz El-Din

Edward Schaberger Bobo, an astronomer based in Argentina, captured the solar flare, which is scientifically called the prominence of the polar crown or the solar waterfall.

The polar crown occurs when a large and glowing body of gas extends over the surface of the sun, which occurs near the poles of the sun, and strong magnetic areas can arise, causing dark filaments to appear on the surface of the sun, and this strong magnetic field may collide with another, resulting in the formation of a waterfall Al-Shamsi, according to the British Daily Mail website.

Bobo indicated that he rushed to take a picture of the glow from his garden in Santa Fe, Argentina, after he heard about it in the news. This makes it difficult to take a picture of the sun in high resolution, but I was determined to get a good shot; So I quickly set up my equipment in my backyard and used my most powerful telescope to get the best view.”

He added, “The vision on my laptop screen was amazing, and I was able to observe those hundreds of plasma filaments falling on a wall 100,000 km above the surface of the sun, enough to swallow the Earth eight times before the magnetic gravitational force of the star extinguished it.”

Experts warn that if the plasma explodes away from the sun all the way to Earth, it could end up disrupting the planet’s power grid.