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An atomic clock, a drilling machine on Mars, and mobile propellers

An atomic clock, a drilling machine on Mars, and mobile propellers

Dubai: «The Gulf»

Leonardo revealed its most prominent exhibits during Expo 2020 Dubai, which include unparalleled technological solutions; These are: the record-breaking robotic drilling rig on Mars, the most stable and accurate atomic clock ever made, perfect for missions in outer space, and the only tiltrotor technology of its kind ever to be officially approved for use. civil.

Leonardo is a global high-tech company and the first in Italy, and is the Platinum Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The Leonardo atomic clock is the most accurate in the world, with a progression or delay of no more than one second every three million years, making the European Galileo satellite navigation system the most accurate civilian-use satellite ever. Also, Expo 2020 Dubai will see a new project, the Rubidium Atomic Watch RbPOP, which offers the same performance but weighs less than 10 kg.

Digging machine

On the other hand, the robotic drilling machine that will be launched in the Exo Mars 2022 mission of the ESA and Roscosmos mission, which was produced with the support of the Italian Space Agency, and which is about to break the world record by drilling two meters deep in the soil of Mars, compared to the depth of two meters in the soil of Mars, will be shown. Only seven centimeters reached so far.


The tiltrotor AW609 is the world’s first commercial helicopter with tiltrotor technology developed for civilian use. It combines the performance of a conventional aircraft and a helicopter by changing the position of the arms of movement in less than 60 seconds, and is able to perform Different types of missions, from passenger transport to medical care, and from civil protection to search and rescue missions. Also, the AW609 can fly at over 500 km/h, has a range of about 1,400 km, and increases to more than 2,000 km using spare external tanks.

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The movie “Saber Vary”

Leonardo’s name has appeared in the documentary “Sapper Vari” by Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatore, which reviews Italian crafts and industries that are known for their excellence and leadership. The documentary will be shown in a special area inside the Italian pavilion at the exhibition. The film is produced by Indiana Productions, and includes exciting scenes of the factories belonging to the Leonardo Group, which is the pioneer of innovation in Italy, the most important of which are: the Nerviano Factory (MI), the headquarters for the development of global aerospace technologies displayed in the Italian pavilion; and the Grottaglie Factory (TA), the site for the development of innovative airframes for civil aviation. Also, the Fucino (AQ) and Matera satellite centers are internationally known for their major role in providing satellite services.