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An Australian enters the Guinness Book of Records by placing the most M&M's on top of each other

An Australian enters the Guinness Book of Records by placing the most M&M’s on top of each other

Australian Brendan Kilby, 22, has scored more than 10 Record numbers Different, the most recent of which was achieved by placing the most balanced number of M&M’s beads on top of each other by 6, thus breaking the previously recorded record.

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According to gossipbuzzer, this record was previously held by Will Cotbell (UK) and Rocco Mercurio (Italy), balancing only five M&M’s.

Italian Silvio Saba (currently a record holder) succeeded in 2016 balancing only 4 M&M’s. He is followed by Brendan to equalize the record in the month of November 2020.

In 2021, a British engineer named Will Cotbell managed to balance five pieces in June of 2021.

Social distancing, spending a lot of time at home, and the simplicity of the record are the most prominent motives for some around the world and in our Arab world to try to break this record.

Despite all the attempts to break records, no one was able to break it, which shows that the record is much more difficult than it appears in reality.

Rocco Mercurio (Italy) came close to achieving the record, which equaled – before breaking it – the record by five.

Then Brendan set the record again and raised the level of the competition after feeling that he had been stolen from the spotlight.

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Brendan’s goal was to break a record 21 last year in 2021, which further pushed him to break his previous record for the number of M&Ms balanced on top of each other.

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There are guidelines for breaking the record, all the pieces must remain on top of each other for 10 seconds after they have been placed on top of each other.

It is also forbidden to use M&M’s stuffed or flavored, such as peanuts and mint, as only regular chocolate bars are allowed.

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