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An education expert enumerates the importance of awareness seminars on the population issue for university and institute students

Dr. Samia Khader, an educational expert, professor of sociology at the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, said that the issue of the population problem, family planning and reproductive health are important issues for the state, as it greatly affects the economy, society and public health. Therefore, the Ministries of Higher Education and Education were keen to Activate programs to raise awareness, educate and educate citizens, especially young people, about these issues, through schools, universities, institutes and the media.

A professor of sociology at the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, stressed, during exclusive statements to “Echo of the Country,” the importance of the positive participation of universities in implementing the various state initiatives, and the role of universities in raising awareness of the population issue, especially among university students, by introducing courses related to the subject and organizing events. And awareness and educational seminars, as well as cooperation with the concerned authorities in organizing awareness campaigns in the local community, and conducting research and scientific studies that help in understanding the causes of the population problem and working to find solutions to it.

The educational expert stressed the necessity of focusing on the seriousness of the population problem and addressing it through the media and drama, as young people are the group most affected by this issue, and he also calls for the provision of advertising campaigns that help educate students of all ages and at all levels of the importance of family planning and reproductive health. , in order to raise awareness and raise awareness of the importance of this matter.

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A professor of sociology at the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, demanded that interesting research competitions be organized for university students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, dealing with one of the important topics raised in the Human Development Report, and specifying precisely the aspects that must be developed and providing political alternatives to government intervention.

Research centers in universities also encourage the issuance of studies on these important aspects, and hold events to discuss the issues addressed in the report from the perspective of improving the quality of life for societies. These publications are available in university libraries and official websites on the Internet.

Dr. Samia Khader indicated that education and good health are essential factors in improving the quality of life and developing humanity, and thus help in reducing unwanted population growth, noting the importance of encouraging a culture of dialogue, exchanging opinions and communication between students, and enhancing their leadership abilities and positive thinking, in addition to To educate them about the economic and cultural transformations taking place around them, to face the challenges associated with them, and to preserve the Egyptian identity and traditions.

She explained that awareness seminars on societal issues are very important for university students, for several reasons, including:

Introducing students to important societal issues that affect their lives and the lives of the communities around them.

Enable students to understand the importance of their role as members of society and how they can contribute to its improvement.

Enhancing students’ awareness of the values ​​of citizenship and social responsibility.

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Encouraging students to participate in public discussions and exchange views on societal issues.

Developing students’ abilities in critical thinking, innovation, and deep analysis of societal issues.

– Improving students’ communication and social interaction skills.

Enriching students’ cultural and historical knowledge and broadening their knowledge horizons.

Encouraging students to participate in volunteer work and community service.

Develop team spirit and cooperation among students.

Highlighting the importance of equal opportunities, human rights, and cultural and social diversity in society.

Introduce students to the challenges the world faces due to societal issues.

– Encouraging students to adopt correct behaviors.