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An education expert reveals to “Sada El Balad” how to prepare students psychologically for exams

Dr. Samia Khader, an educational expert and professor of sociology at the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, confirmed that fear of failing or achieving a bad mark in exams is a source of stress and anxiety for students, noting that this tension may negatively affect their achievement performance and their health in general.

A professor of sociology at the Faculty of Education at Ain Shams University said, during exclusive statements to “Sada El Balad”, that when a student is fraught with stress and anxiety, he suffers from difficulty in focusing and thinking clearly, and this may affect his ability to absorb information and show good performance in exams. Students may also suffer from health symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and other mental disorders.

She pointed out the importance of parents and teachers taking measures to provide psychological and social support to students during the exam period, by providing a supportive and encouraging environment for students, providing guidance and advice to deal with stress and improving learning strategies and how to deal during the exam, in addition to promoting awareness of the importance of healthy balance and relaxation and teaching techniques. Breathing and meditation that can help students manage stress and enhance psychological preparation for exams.

The educational expert explained that good systematic preparation before the exam plays an important role in reducing stress and increasing confidence among students, because early preparation helps students to familiarize themselves with the study materials and understand them well, and to practice solving questions and training in previous exams, adding that good psychological preparation for the exam is also It is important because it provides positivity and confidence to students, as they can visualize success and achieve the desired results. Positive thoughts and successful visualization help relieve stress and enhance focus during the exam.

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And the professor of sociology at the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, stressed the need to improve time management during the exam through pre-preparation of the material and the practice of quick and effective solutions, explaining that it is useful for students to learn techniques to set priorities and distribute time appropriately for the different questions in the exam.

She stressed the need for the educational system to deal with this issue seriously and take care of the health and well-being of students, in addition to providing the necessary psychological support for them to overcome challenges and achieve academic success.