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An Egyptian artist accuses Sherihan of causing him to suffer from a disease he has suffered for 37 years

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The great Egyptian artist Sayed Sadiq revealed that the most difficult scene for him in front of the camera was the movie “Keep your mind off your mind”, where the artist Sherihan hit him with a “pen” on his face, causing him to hit the seventh nerve after being slapped, and he has been suffering from it for 37 years.

Sayed Sadiq said during his hosting of the “One of the People” program with the media, Amr Al-Leithi on Al-Hayat screen, that: “Sherihan in the movie “Keep your mind off your mind,” a “pen” hit me on the face during one of the scenes in the movie, and the scene was repeated 3 times, and unfortunately it was A strong slap from Sherihan, because she was very severe, as a result of the character that requires it, and I took the pen diligently and after that the seventh nerve, and I still suffer from it until now, and the artist Sherihan was not acting but living the character with all her feelings.

Sadiq added that his beginning in acting dates back to his school days, where “I was a colleague of the artist Nour El Sharif, but I did not join the acting institute as a result of work.”

He continued, “I am a businessman, a spare parts importer, and a car dealer in the past, but I love acting, which is a hobby,” and about his choice of always evil roles, he said, “The directors confined me to those roles because of my physical build.”


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