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An Egyptian artist raises widespread controversy in Kuwait

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The Egyptian artist Heba Al-Dari, who resides in Kuwait, is exposed to a stinging attack on social media, after she appeared in a video clip of an introductory song about the person, in which she described the State of Kuwait as a “conservative”.

Al-Dari appeared in the video clip circulated by activists and accounts concerned with celebrity news, swaying on the song “This is my entire triple name”, the song that in its words indicates details about the identity and homeland of the person, which many “Tik Tok” celebrities were keen to apply its words to themselves and published it in Video clips, according to “Russia Today”.

In the song, Al-Dari indicated her age, study, work, sign, her original home from which she hails, and the country in which she resides, which is Kuwait, but she misbehaved, according to the followers, in this particular place, after mentioning the name of Kuwait and attaching it to the word “province” that comes in the context of the song.

Critical comments poured out against the artist, and activists demanded that she explain what she meant by this word, and even offer a personal apology for this behavior.

These criticisms prompted the artist Heba to respond, as she expressed her surprise at the widespread attack she was subjected to, and said that “the song is old and she applied it to the video, and that she intended in Kuwait Governorate, the capital of Kuwait, which is Kuwait City, and did not mean that the State of Kuwait is a governorate.”

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And Al-Dari came out in a video clip through her account on “Snapchat”, and confirmed that “the case took more than its size, and demanded that those who attacked her harshly be slow and not enter into intentions.”