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An Egyptian artist to his colleague: Mtjibesh Sirti again

An Egyptian artist to his colleague: Mtjibesh Sirti again

A different story witnessed by the Egyptian artistic community this week, the hero of the Egyptian artist Hisham El Meligy, who emerged in the nineties of the last century through a number of works, and his colleague Rania Shaheen.

The crisis began after a picture published by the artist Rania Shaheen of her colleague, as they are neighbors, and commented on her that he is not working at the present time, although he is an excellent actor.

She explained that he suffers from depression and refuses to communicate with anyone in search of work because he is a sensitive man.

Although these words brought with them a large load of sympathy for the followers, especially that Hisham El-Meligy appeared in many outstanding roles, most notably his participation in the movie “Saidi at the American University” and other roles, but the artist met sympathy with great anger.

Delete it immediately!

Al-Melegy explained via Facebook that he contacted his colleague and asked her to delete the post, but he found that the matter expanded and spread and was transmitted by everyone.

He stressed that he does not suffer from depression, and that his affairs are fine, expressing his happiness that people love him and love the roles in which he participated.

He also explained that his colleague had wronged him without intending to because they had not met for a long time, but because of good intentions he asked her to delete her post only.

Another crisis

Only a few days passed until the artist, Rania Shaheen, went out on a television program to talk about her colleague, and confirmed that she tried to remind people of him so that he would not be forgotten in the crowd of days.

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These are the words that were circulated by websites and newspapers, and forced Hisham El-Meligy to respond again, but in a different tone, as he went out through his Facebook account warning his colleague, saying, “Professor Rania, you have volunteered and intervened in my life without permission. Help… and your honor is designed to annoy me.”

His last words came with a definitive request, which is the last, where he said, “Please don’t answer my resume again in any dialogue or intervention.. Thank you.”

A day later, Al-Meligy returned to confirm that his colleague was talented and good, and he was confident that her intention was sound, and he called on the press not to fish in troubled waters.