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“An Egyptian Astronomical City” .. the national dream of applying space and astronomy technology

“An Egyptian Astronomical City” .. the national dream of applying space and astronomy technology

The long-awaited Egyptian dream, after careful and deep studies of a sector that has become necessary to rely on, with the technological progress that has dominated all fields, and with the trend to apply digitization in all ministries and agencies, it was necessary to immediately start implementing «Egyptian Astronomical City», whose most important characteristic is the application of techniques Remote Sensing And theGPS To follow Navigation And theProtecting beaches from erosion And saving monuments from groundwater, and it was a strong start by declaring Astronomical Research Institute About receiving the largest astronomical telescope in the Middle East, which is 4 times the size of the Mokattam telescope to monitor all phenomena astro affecting Egypt and the world.

On the importance of the existence of an astronomical city, Akhbar Al-Youm portal had the following report on the importance of the existence and establishment of the Egyptian astronomical city.

Dr. Ashraf Shaker stated Head of the Astronomy Department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, For “Akhbar Al-Youm” portal, the site is now being studied The new astronomical city Which is being prepared to be established in the central Sinai region to be like the European Southern Observatory, and more than one astronomical telescope will be installed and placed in the new astronomical city.
Dr. Shaker explained: That Helwan Observatory It was created in 1903 and was created Katameya Observatory In 1964, and this astronomical city is currently being established, due to the importance of astronomy research at the present time, because whoever owns astronomy technology controls the world. To use the J.PS application, which currently governs the movement of aircraft, cars and the Internet, and currently all the powerful countries of the world are seeking to develop these technological tools in astronomy and space sciences
Dr. Shaker pointed out that China succeeded in reducing the proportion of Car accidents using it GPS service increased by 50% as techniques helped Space Science And astronomy, which uses GPS technology to follow the movement of navigation, and astronomy has also introduced remote sensing techniques, which helped in Reclamation of desert lands In Egypt, where it is used to determine the areas suitable for cultivation and the appropriate crops for them
Dr. Shaker continued, saying: Remote sensing techniques monitor any encroachment on agricultural lands through random construction and are currently used by local agencies to stop the encroachment on agricultural lands, and remote sensing technology can monitor underground water And limiting them, and this helped the National Institute for Astronomical Research in protecting the antiquities, as the Sphinx was threatened with falling along with the pyramids because of the groundwater that was located below it, but it was controlled.
The head of the Astronomy Department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research continued: The scientific techniques and studies of the Geophysical Institute succeeded in monitoring large quantities of The erosion of the city of Alexandria And the beaches
Dr. Shaker pointed out: Choosing a site in central Sinai to be far from any pollution, because the establishment of this astronomical city requires the absence of environmental pollution in the area of ​​its construction, and therefore there was no place in the world suitable for its construction, such as central Sinai, and foreign experts expressed their admiration for this site

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