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أسرة مصرية تبدع فى عرض عرائس صناعة يدوية بفعاليات الشارقة التراثية.. صور

An Egyptian family invents a handmade puppet at a traditional Sharjah event .. Photos

An Egyptian family created a show of handmade toys, carrying features representing all parts of Egypt in the activities of the “Sharjah Heritage Days” and sees its sequel in the Sharjah Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Countries show aspects of their heritage.

“Talat Marzouk”, in charge of the Egyptian puppet show, told al-Yum al-Sabah that they were a family who had come from Cairo to represent Egypt at these events. Egyptian traditional and handicrafts.

He noted that they produce Egyptian brides with highlights of the Egyptian face in all regions, producing agricultural brides in Calabria, and Alexandria bridal and Sinai Bedouin brides with embroidered dress and burqa and more. Crafts including Egyptian Ramadan lamps.

These products are handmade, they have their place in Egypt, and they participate in local and Arab exhibitions, showcasing the character of Egypt, its folk costumes and its diverse tradition represented by Egyptian toys.

Activities of the Sharjah Heritage Days, the nineteenth edition of which was launched on March 10 and is scheduled to continue until March 28, and includes various activities organized by the Sharjah Heritage Institute to connect the heritage of the people and their cultural heritage. And Dr. Sheikh. Under the patronage of Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, under the slogan “Heritage and Future”.

Countries participating in this year’s Sharjah Heritage Days are Saudi Arabia, Oman Sultanate, Kuwait, Qatar, China, Finland, Iraq, Kingdom of Morocco, Egypt Arab Republic, Sudan, Armenia, Republic. Kazakhstan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, United Kingdom, Mauritania, India, Palestine, Russia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Latvia, Serbia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Japan, Japan.

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