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An Egyptian gets his doctorate after 80..and this is his message to young people

An Egyptian gets his doctorate after 80..and this is his message to young people

83-year-old “Ghanim” chose to be a message PhD His own under the title “Analysis of the Financial Dimensions of Converting Football Clubs to Joint Stock Companies in the Light of Relevant Standards”, through which he obtained a Ph.D. with excellent grades.

The largest doctoral researcher in the world tells Sky News Arabia the scenes of obtaining his doctorate at this age, saying: “I worked during the past years for that moment, because science is always the criterion for strength and happiness.”

Ghanem stressed, “The delay in receiving the letter is my travel to more than one country during the past years, until I decided to return and take care of education, and obtain scientific degrees in order to discuss my doctorate.”

The 83-year-old recalled dozens of years ago, saying: “My payment was the first in my class Egypt She enters the preparatory stage, and she completed it and the secondary stage to find myself in coordination with the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, from which I moved to the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams.

And he added, “I applied for a diploma in accounting and auditing from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, before I applied for a preliminary master’s degree from the Faculty of Commerce, Benha University, but at that time travel was present, so the dream of obtaining it stopped at that time.”

Ghanem graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University in the mid-sixties, and from Benha University, he obtained a preliminary master’s and a master’s in financial management, before concluding his degrees with a doctorate in business administration from Helwan University.

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The largest doctoral researcher in the world pointed out: “I spent several years outside Egypt, moving between a number of Arab and European countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Libya, where I spent nearly ten years, and America, Australia and Germany, but when I returned to Egypt, I found that my desire was to continue learning and what I started before traveling. “.

The doctorate recently explained: “My mother always directed me to teach people as she made an effort to teach me, so I decided to complete and obtain degrees in order to be qualified for that, and to stand in the teacher’s place and direct people to knowledge.”

Ghanem decided to prepare in the coming days for another doctoral thesis, stressing, “As long as God chooses to extend our life, even an extra day, we must fill our minds with science and benefit from progress and do not stop striving, and I always bear in mind the saying of the great writer Taha Hussein that science is like water and air.” .

Al-Masry recalls with feelings full of nostalgia his wife, who died nearly 30 years ago, and how she had a great impact on his scientific career, and for her permanent support an exemplary role: “She was the love of my life, she never hesitated to stand next to me and create the atmosphere for reading and learning, and I feel that she lives next to me and rejoices for my steps throughout the course of my life.” past years”.

Ghanem sent a message to young people in Egypt, saying: “Turn for education because it is good for people and minds, and it is not linked at all to any age, place or time.”

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