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An Emirati team achieves the dream 36 years after the first Arab space flight

An Emirati team achieves the dream 36 years after the first Arab space flight

Dubai/NinaWe are living these days the 36th anniversary of the beginning of the Arab dream in entering the space sector, after the arrival of the first Arab into space, Prince Sultan bin Salman in June 1985, where this achievement embodied the beginning of a great dream, which the UAE hastened to work on, by launching a program The Emirates Astronautics Team, which resulted in the formation of a national team of 4 astronauts, and then the launch of Hazza Al Mansouri on the “Zayed Ambition” mission, to become the first Arab to go to the International Space Station, and Sultan Al Neyadi, and recently two new astronauts, Noura Al Matrooshi, to become the first pioneer Space Arabia, and Muhammad Al Mulla, in what follows, as a new success for the Emirates project in the space sector, which has achieved qualitative successes, which have become the talk of the world.

The program, which was launched by the UAE with the aim of establishing the infrastructure of the Emirati space sector, is one of the most inspiring programs that meet the aspirations of young people with unique abilities at the scientific level and personal skills, and among the most important projects of the National Space Program, while the first batch of the Emirates Astronaut Program was very popular. The number of applicants for the program in its first version amounted to 4,022 people, to announce the names of Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi, who became the first Emirati astronauts, while the second version of the program, which was submitted by 4,305 people, chose Muhammad Al Mulla and Noura Al Matrooshi.
After Al-Mulla and Al-Matrooshi selected the two new astronauts from the second batch, they started a training plan inside the country initially to ensure their readiness, in preparation for their joining the “NASA Astronaut Program for 2021”, as part of a joint cooperation agreement between the UAE and the United States of America, to be trained at Johnson Center They will then join astronauts Al Mansouri and Al Neyadi, who are currently conducting their advanced professional training at the same center, which qualifies them to operate the International Space Station. And carrying out scientific research, and long missions in outer space, that benefit humanity./End

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