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An error and a quote in the first episode of the series "Al-Maddah..The Legend of the Valley" |  news

An error and a quote in the first episode of the series “Al-Maddah..The Legend of the Valley” | news

The first episode of the series “Al-Maddah .. Legend of the Valley” was a great success and popularity on social media.

The first episode witnessed many exciting events, as Saber wakes up from a nightmare in which he saw killing Hassan and injuring his mother with demons during the wedding of Ezz and Suhaila. Saber learns that his mother and brother have seen the same nightmare. Saber goes To a haunted house, a genie appears to him threatening him. Hanan loses her fetus. Ezz and Suhaila’s wedding takes place, then their house burns.

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But the first episode witnessed an error in one of the scenes that brought together Fadi Khafaga and Heidi Refaat, where the two were inside Cairo University, but we see the Giza pyramids appear in one of its sides, knowing that Cairo University does not overlook the Giza pyramids in any of its aspects.



The soundtrack for the first episode was adapted from the music of the famous anime series Attack on Titan.

The series “Al-Maddah Legend of the Valley” delves into a larger and deeper area than the idea he presented in the first part, where “Saber”, who devoted his life to treating people with the Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah, especially those who suffer from demonic possession or have been exposed to magic or other matters, sets out in search of the truth. As he reads and listens, he travels to many countries and valleys to learn for himself the truth of what he hears, and events take him from one city to another, and the fates carry him many surprises.

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The series includes 9 songs, including 7 quatrains within the series, in addition to the beginning and end chords, and includes the song “Duet” that brings together Hamada Hilal and singer Wael El-Fashni.

It is reported that the series “Al-Maddah 2: Legend of the Valley” starring Hamada Hilal, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Heba Magdy, Kamal Abu Raya, Sahar Al-Sayegh, Khaled Sarhan, Donia Abdel Aziz, Walaa Al-Sharif, written by Amin Jamal, Walid Abu Al-Majd and Sherif Yousry, and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

The first part of the series achieved great success when it was shown last Ramadan, and co-starred with Nisreen Tafesh, Ahmed Badir, Mohamed Ezz, Mohsen Mansour, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Amr Ramzy.

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