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An imminent departure... the Brotherhood decides to dissolve its office and the group's Shura Council in Turkey

An imminent departure… the Brotherhood decides to dissolve its office and the group’s Shura Council in Turkey

The Turkish authorities continue their efforts to rapprochement with Egypt and the Gulf states with accelerated steps, in order to turn a new page in relations.

After the decision of the Turkish authorities Cease the Brotherhood’s media activities From its territory, and the subsequent instructions to a number of the group’s broadcasters to stop all their media activities on social media, the group decided to dissolve its office in Turkey, as well as the Brotherhood’s Shura Council.

A source revealed to that the group decided to expel its members and activities from Turkey and leave for other countries, such as Canada, Britain, the Netherlands and Malaysia, as well as a number of Balkan countries.

The source confirmed that Ibrahim Munir, the group’s acting general guide, decided to dissolve the Brotherhood’s administrative office in Turkey, and the group’s Shura Council, while postponing the elections, which were scheduled to take place during the month of July, for another 6 months.

The Brotherhood had planned to transfer its satellite channels directed to Egypt outside Turkey within a period not exceeding 3 months, as the group decided to transfer the “Watan” satellite channel, wholly owned by it, and merge it with the “Al-Hiwar” satellite channel, which is run by the Palestinian Brotherhood, Azzam Al-Tamimi from London.

Al-Sharq satellite channel, owned by former presidential candidate Ayman Nour, intends to also broadcast from outside Turkey, and until the implementation of the transfer decision, it decided to adhere to the instructions of the Turkish authorities to stop incitement programs against Egypt and the Gulf countries, and to prevent the broadcast of any content that violates Turkish instructions. Abdul Rahman Abu Dayh, the satellite financier, decided to turn it into a variety channel, and he is currently looking to assign supervision of these programs to a famous singer until the transfer to London is arranged.

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It is noteworthy that Turkey had announced its desire to resume diplomatic contacts with Egypt last March.

Last May, a Turkish delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Unal made the first visit of its kind since 2013, to Cairo for exploratory talks with Egyptian officials.

Later, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, revealed that the talks had stopped at the present time, and that there was no specific date for the resumption of exploratory meetings in order to restore mutual relations, against the background of the divergence of views between Cairo and Ankara on a number of issues, most notably the Libyan file. .