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An important judicial victory for Trump in the "Battle of Secret Documents"

An important judicial victory for Trump in the “Battle of Secret Documents”

Federal District Judge Eileen Cannon has also appointed Judge Raymond Deere, a senior district court judge, as a third party to review documents confiscated by the office, looking for material that could be subject to a privilege to keep it away from federal investigators.

The Justice Department has promised to refer the case to the Court of Appeals if Cannon rules against its claim, and has also sought to prevent independent arbitrator, Derry, from examining nearly 100 classified documents among 11,000 collected during a home search. Trump Which was approved by the court, on the eighth of August.

“The Court does not consider it appropriate to accept the Government’s conclusions on these important contentious issues without further review by an impartial third party in a prompt and orderly manner,” Cannon wrote.

Cannon’s ruling further complicates the Justice Department’s investigation, as a review by the Special Judicial Supervisor can withhold documents from the prosecution considering the possibility of criminal charges.

On Thursday, Cannon said it would ask Derry to prioritize reviewing classified records, and ordered him to complete a review of all seized documents by November 30.

Why are the authorities investigating?

• The Department of Justice is investigating Trump’s keeping of government records, some classified as top secret, at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, after he left the presidency in January 2021.

• The ministry is also looking into the possibility that he obstructed the investigation after it found evidence that the records may have been transferred or hidden by agents.FBIwho went to Mar-a-Lago in June, to try to retrieve all the confidential documents.

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• The investigation into the matter of the documents is one of several that Trump is facing as he contemplates running for president again in 2024.

• About a week ago, the Ministry of Justice asked the judge to partially lift the previous restrictions that prevented the Ministry’s investigators from reviewing all confiscated documents, so that they could at least continue to scrutinize documents classified as classified.

• The judge was also asked to exclude confidential records from the scope of the Special Judicial Supervisor’s review, and they pledged to refer the case to the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, if she did not do so.

• Trump’s lawyers opposed the two requests, telling the judge in Monday’s request that they object to the government’s claim that all records are confidential, and adding that a special judicial supervisor is needed to help keep the prosecution under control.

About two weeks after the Mar-a-Lago search, Trump’s lawyers sought to appoint a special supervisor to review the confiscated records for material that might be covered by attorney-client privilege, a legal principle that can prevent disclosure of certain presidential records.