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An integrated approach to the "socialist" and "forces" on the Prime Minister

An integrated approach to the “socialist” and “forces” on the Prime Minister

Lebanese president talks about pressure to stop oil companies from drilling

The “Lebanese forces” want to restore the electoral experience for the House of Representatives by naming a new prime minister, combining the position of the party, the opposition and the “sovereign forces”. The path began with the receipt of the delegation of the Progressive Socialist Party by its leader, Samir Kiajia.

After the meeting, Gagea announced that “a single approach has been reached to deal with the allocation process.” “The announcement of the name of the president appointed by the” leader of the forces “will not be until the last moment,” he said.

On the other hand, Lebanese officials today conveyed a concerted position on the demarcation file to US mediator Amos Hochstein to determine the maritime border with Israel. Awaiting the arrival of Lebanese President Michael Aun Hochstein, he spoke of the “pressures Lebanon faces to prevent it from investing in its oil and gas resources.” He said the justifications for stopping drilling in Block 4 put forward by the prospecting company were “unbelievable”, pointing out that “international pressure has been received to stop pursuing drilling”.

Hochstein arrived in Beirut yesterday, where he met with Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim, who said the meeting was good and that he would “ask Lebanon’s integrated position on the file demarcating maritime borders.” From the President. “

He met with US mediator, Energy Minister Walid Fayed, who reaffirmed that “all three presidents agree on a unified national position” and stressed that “Lebanon seeks to defend its rights.” He said, “We are behind President Aun. There is a clear position for the whole country, which strengthens Lebanon.”

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Hochstein’s move gained international support as Jonah Vronica, the UN special coordinator in Lebanon, announced yesterday that the United Nations was ready to contribute to indirect talks on demarcating the southern maritime borders. During his meeting with Aoun, Fronesca said that the United Nations was “ready to contribute to all that moves to negotiate indirect demarcation of the South China Sea”.
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