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An international singer of Arab descent panics hours before a concert

French Eurovision Song Contest star La Zara, who is of Moroccan descent, revealed her performance was “very scary and very dangerous” after several grueling rehearsals for her performance during the Eurovision Song Contest in the British city. of Liverpool, he posted on his Instagram page.

According to the British “Daily Star”, La Zara, representing France with her song Évidemment, met fans at the Euro Club, which was organized by the OGAE fan club at the Camp and Furnace in Liverpool, the host city of the United Kingdom. .

The singer, born in 1997, said in an interview about her acting rehearsals: “Actually, when I watched the performance, I was on a five-meter high platform. It’s very scary.”

La Zara added: “When you’re there, you think about falling and it’s really scary.”

Of the rehearsals ahead of the grand final, she added: ‘It was amazing… seeing it in real time after all these weeks. I’m very impressed… Everyone was very good, but we’re very happy with the result and the platform we chose.”

“La Zara’s Evidence” was written by Banks and Ranks singer Benny Adam, who has worked with music stars including Sean Paul and Dua Lipa.

As for the Eurovision Song Contest, La Zarra hopes to follow the example of winners including Marie Miriam, who won with France in 1977 with her song L’oiseau et l’enfant.

Who is actress La Zara?

A young Canadian woman of Moroccan descent, Fatima Zahra Hafsi, known as La Zara, represented France in the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest, also known as the Eurovision Song Contest.

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The nickname (La Zarra) was chosen by the late French star Edith Piaf, who was known as La Môme, meaning the little girl, and is a name full of magic and mystery.

In 2022 he was nominated for the La Jara Award at the Coronation of French Songwriters in the Province of Quebec (ADISQ). However, the award was won by artist Aryan Roy.

What is the upcoming event?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, organized by the European Broadcasting Union and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on behalf of the Ukrainian Public Broadcasting Corporation (UA: PBC).

The semi-finals and final of the competition were held in Liverpool on 9, 11 and 13 May 2023, and will be the ninth time that the United Kingdom has hosted the competition, after the United Kingdom hosted the competition in Birmingham in 1998. .