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An international team takes the first image of a black hole spewing matter into space | Sciences

Some of the matter can fall into the black hole, while the other part is blown out into space at nearly the speed of light, due to the massive crowding out and the very intense heat in that region.

A research team from several European countries as well as South Korea and China revealed – for the first time ever – a new image of the black hole located in the center of the galaxy “M87” (M87) while it releases huge jets of matter, which improves scientists’ understanding of the nature of black holes. And its impact on its surroundings significantly.

This black hole was very popular in 2019, when the Event Horizon Observatory was shown His first photoSince that moment, several research teams have worked on the same crime to extract more data, including this international team.

In 2018, these scientists relied on the previous image from the Event Horizon Observatory, and then used a wide range of radio telescopes around the world, consisting of the Global Baseline Very Large Array (GMVA) in the United States and several countries, and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA). In the Atacama Desert in Chile, and the Greenland Telescope (GLT), to take a more accurate picture of the same black hole, in which jets of matter are clearly visible.

In addition to imaging the black hole, this team’s collected observations showed very small details in the region surrounding the nucleus of the galaxy “M87”, and they published their results in new research published on April 26 in the journal “Nature” (Nature).

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Black hole jets

Black holes are known to have a gravitational pull that prevents anything from escaping from inside them, even light itself. But what falls outside the black hole may not fall into it, and therefore black holes appear in the images captured as a gap of darkness within a ring of light. This ring represents the material surrounding the black hole, which accumulated on each other at huge speeds, causing it to heat up to billions of degrees Celsius.

And some of this matter can actually fall into the black hole, while the other part It is blasted into space at nearly the speed of lightdue to the huge overcrowding and the very intense heat in that area.

Scientists have previously been able to monitor the release of these massive jets emanating from black holes, but this is the first time that they capture their image directly, showing the region where the circumference of the black hole and the jets meet.

Just press release Officially released by researchers from the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, this is a powerful help in understanding exactly how these jets form, which is not yet clear and is a long-standing problem in astronomy.