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An Iranian tries to provoke America's leader, and the latter responds brilliantly

An Iranian tries to provoke America’s leader, and the latter responds brilliantly

Tyler Adams, captain of the US soccer team, responded to an Iranian journalist in typical fashion to a question about racism in the North American country.

The US team snatched the second qualification card in Group Two, after its victory over Iran, with a clean goal, on Tuesday.

In a press conference before the match, one of the Iranian journalists tried to embarrass the “23-year-old” player with a provocative question, saying: You say you support the Iranians, but you do not know how to pronounce the name of our country. We say Iran, not “Ayran.”

And the Iranian journalist continued: And then, do you feel comfortable in a country where there is discrimination against black people?

Adams replied: A thousand apologies for the verbal error, and there is discrimination everywhere, and I learned during my stay outside America in recent years that I have to adapt to different cultures, and in the United States we continue to progress in this aspect.

And the English Leeds United player added: I grew up in a white family of African descent, it was easy for me because I learned and absorbed different cultures, not everyone had this advantage, it is something that requires more time and more education, and the way you taught me how to pronounce The name of your country is progress, and as long as there is progress, this is the most important thing.

A report published by “CNN” on its website indicated that Tyler Adams is interested in pursuing sports psychology, and aspires to continue his studies after the end of his professional career.

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