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An Israeli dress for the Japanese contestant sparks a scandal in the Miss Universe contest


The appearance of Yuri Watanabe, the representative of Japan, in one of the Miss Universe contests, wearing a kimono with a belt and chrysanthemum flower, the symbol of the imperial family, provoked vociferous reactions on social networking sites.

Many users, who were unhappy with the girl’s image, considered her failure to win an “insult to Japan”.

The dress of the Japanese actress, was designed by the Israeli Aviad Arik Hermann. Hermann debuted the dress on his YouTube channel at the end of November.

The Israeli designer said, “On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel, I had the honor of designing the national costume for the Japanese representative in the Miss Universe contest. This costume is intended to promote the amazing fashion in Japan’s Harajuku region, as well as in honor of the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Nita who honored Japanese culture with its kimono appearance on the world stage.

The appearance of the Japanese actress in this outfit caused mixed reactions from users. Some praised the designer for his bravery, but most criticized his aforementioned design.

One user stressed that “the person who designed the dress is ignorant of Japan. Knowing the culture of other countries and respecting others is the basis of everything.”

Another said: “The chrysanthemum is a symbol of the imperial family and is not used in this way. In my opinion, some people may find this image offensive to Japan.”

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Other users expressed the view that the Japanese contestant’s photo is a “crazy projection of how Japan is seen in so-called Western society”.

Source: RIA Novosti