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An Italian company plans to build the most expensive yacht in the world inside a Saudi construction yard

An Italian company plans to build the most expensive yacht in the world inside a Saudi construction yard

The Italian design studio, Lazzarini, revealed a yacht with an out-of-the-ordinary concept, becoming the largest and most expensive in the world upon completion, as it will provide places to carry more than 60,000 people on board upon completion.

Lazzarini named the yacht Pangeos, which is more than 500 meters (1,800 feet) long in the shape of a sea turtle and more than 600 meters wide.

It is estimated that the construction cost of “Pangios” amounts to 6.8 billion pounds sterling, and its implementation will take about 8 years.

The project is a floating mega-city that defies convention in design and scale, and is the most ambitious project Lazzarini has delivered to date.

According to the Italian design studio, the Terayacht concept emerged in 2009, when designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini envisioned building a gigantic ship capable of housing an entire city.

And earlier this year, we saw Project Sovrano, a 555-foot (169-meter) mega-yacht featuring a large water park, two helipads, a parking garage, and many luxury amenities. Although this is impressive, Pangios takes everything to the next level, according to what was reported by the “Auto evolution” website, which was viewed by Al

The proposed site for building the yacht in Saudi Arabia on the shore of the Red Sea

Pangeos will be a floating city in the shape of a giant sea turtle, 550 meters long and 610 meters wide. The structure contains a giant gate at the back that allows ships to enter this floating city.

The structure contains 30,000 cells. This area acts as an “unsinkable, floating solution to the basement”, which consists of several rooms connected to each other by corridors.

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Pangeos has resorts and side apartments, but also beach clubs and many villas. There is even a huge rooftop garden and shopping mall. The superyacht is designed to be equipped with nine HTS engines, all fully electric, and can provide enough power to make the vessel move at a speed of 5 knots (9.2 kmph).

Pangeos will be launched from its 390,000 square meter shipyard in Saudi Arabia.