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An official response accusation .. Did Hamdi Al-Naqaz deceive Zamalek for the third time?

An official response accusation .. Did Hamdi Al-Naqaz deceive Zamalek for the third time?

Tunisian Hamdi El-Naqaz, the new Saudi player of Al-Ahly, sparked a state of controversy in the last hours, after he was accused of deceiving the Egyptian Zamalek again.

On Saturday, Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia announced its contract with Hamdi Al-Naqaz for one season in a free transfer deal, after a failure Zamalek In registering the contract he signed with him, because he was deprived of concluding any contracts for two transfer periods.

Khaled Al-Ghandour, the former star of Zamalek and the presenter of the programs on the Al-Nadi channel, detonated a surprise of the highest caliber, after he confirmed that Hamdi Al-Naqaz refused to return the contract provider he obtained after signing with Zamalek last summer, after the termination of his contract with Esperance.

Al-Ghandour said in a video clip broadcast on his YouTube channel that Al-Naqaz received $600,000 as a contract provider in exchange for signing with Zamalek last summer, and refused to return the amount to the club after the registration failed and the move to Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ghandour explained that Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s agent refused to return the amount on the grounds that the player will return to Zamalek after the expiry of his contract with Al-Ahly Jeddah, but he stressed the right of the white club to recover the amount, especially since he signed a statement stating that he had obtained it.

Al-Ghandour’s statements sparked anger among the fans of Zamalek, as it was considered that the player deceived the club for the third time, after he unilaterally terminated his contract in December 2019, before returning to Zamalek in exchange for waiving his dues to the club, but he lost the case before the Sports Court. after signture.

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Zamalek’s response

Hossam Al-Mandouh, a member of the Zamalek club’s board of directors, responded in exclusive statements to “Al-Ain Sports” to Khaled Al-Ghandour’s statements, stressing that this is not true.

Al-Mandouh said: “The club obtained a financial return from loaning Hamdi Al-Naqaz to Al-Ahly Jeddah, and Zamalek benefited financially from the deal.”

He added, “The administration agreed with the Tunisian full-back to return the contract provider that the player obtained.”

And he concluded: “The numbers circulating in the media about the contract provider that Al-Naqaz obtained are not correct, and the amount obtained by the Tunisian back is much less than what is being circulated.”

Official statement

On the other hand, the committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club issued a press statement, in which it revealed the details of Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s transfer to Al-Ahly Jeddah.

The statement said: “Within the framework of the understanding created by the settlement agreement between Zamalek Club and the Tunisian international player Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the player contracted with the Saudi Al-Ahly Club, in a manner that preserves the interests and rights of the club and the player in light of the recent settlement signed between the two parties.”

The statement added: “This allowed the Zamalek club to achieve appropriate financial returns while ensuring the player’s return to its ranks in the future, after the international player received many professional offers recently inside and outside Egypt.”

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