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An old video of Asala shakes communication. She embarrassed “Maestro” in front of the audience

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The pioneers of the communication sites in Egypt returned an old video clip of the singer Asala from one of her concerts, while she was standing on the stage with Maestro Hani Farhat next to her.

At the beginning of the video, Farhat believes that Asala is praising him in front of the audience, so he expresses his joy, but Asala puts him in a very embarrassing position, when it appears that she is talking about Maestro Khaled Fouad.

Asala was attacked by the pioneers of communication, after the video clip was re-circulated, claiming that she attacked the leader of her band, Maestro Hani Farhat.

For his part, the media director at the Egyptian Opera House, Mohamed Mounir, explained that “the video has nothing to do with reality..First: The concert is not new, and it was held at the end of the Arab Music Festival in 2019,” according to what was reported by “Masrawy” website.

He added that Asala was keen during the ceremony, which was broadcast on Egyptian television at the time, to pay tribute more than once to Maestro Hani Farhat, as he had a relationship of friendship and artistic cooperation in more than one work and ceremony, and after the ceremony, the singer published on her Instagram page, which confirms his success. She described it as one of the best nights.

He added: “Before presenting one of the songs, Asala was keen to thank Maestro Khaled Fouad, who took over the leadership of her orchestra, as a partner for its beginnings, and for his presence at the concert, and this was not at all at the expense of Maestro Farhat, as some imagined.”

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