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An orphan meeting with Shadia!

An orphan meeting with Shadia!

Shadia was afraid of (the media), you will not find her visual, audio or written conversations except for a very rare few. Shadia believed that she was not created for speaking, but for singing and acting, except that if you meditate on these rare conversations, you will discover the extent of her intelligence, lightness and spontaneity. In the early sixties, Shadia married the great journalist writer Mustafa Amin, and when he was arrested, Shadia was with him, and this is another story.. Weekly, Shadia used to meet his friends from senior journalists such as Kamel Al-Shennawy, Anis Mansour, Musa Sabry, and Ahmed Ragab, and despite that, Shadia remained cautious. with the media.

I, like many others, tried to communicate with her more than once, and their attempts failed, and I lost hope, but fate held a surprise for me that did not cross my mind.

In the early eighties, I was on a weekly visit to the house of the great musician Mahmoud al-Sharif, and I learned from him that he would soon receive Shadia for a rehearsal of the song (The world has alienated me from you). Dealing with the press, but the sheriff told me to at least wait until I introduce you to Shadia.

Shadia considered Mahmoud al-Sharif’s house her second home, and the lady (Fawqia) who supervised the Sharif’s house was very close to her and comfortable with her. .

I did not expect that Shadia would simply deal with what we call (meat sweets).. As soon as Shadia entered, the sheriff said to her: (Tariq, this is my son, and his uncles are Kamel and Mamoun Al-Shennawy, and also a journalist, but this time only my son).

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And the message that the sheriff wanted arrived, and Shadia said beautiful words about my uncles, and she asked permission to leave, so that I would not spoil the rehearsal of the oud that usually precedes the rehearsal of the band. Shadia said: “If you want to listen on a condition, you will not write.” Human relations are very sufficient, and the strange thing is that Shadia, despite her happiness with the melody and she was repeating parts of it with her voice on the oud with Sharif, and between each stanza and another she praised him, but in the end she apologized for not recording it, and it was the lot of Yasmine Khayyam, and unfortunately he did not achieve any amount of success.

Mahmoud Al-Sharif is the owner of hundreds of successful melodies by great singers, headed by Shadia, who took the largest share, followed by Laila Murad in the number, but Abdel-Muttalib is the most singer who sang his melodies.

I did not want to know from the sheriff why Shadia had retracted the recording of (The world alienated me from you), because I felt that merely referring to the question would cause embarrassment and injury to the sheriff.

Despite this, Al-Sharif’s relationship with Shadia was not interrupted until his departure .. Despite her retirement, he continued to play the role of the father for her, whom she called proud of his art (Khufu oriental music).

After the end of the rehearsal, Fawqia began to put dishes on the table of various kinds, and with all delicacy and sweetness Shadia insisted that we gather together over that burning food, and I did not publish anything about this meeting, and the dialogue that took place between Sharif and Shadia was and will also remain among those secrets .. I just record Now Shadia’s simplicity, her refined sense, and her warm welcome still haunt me.

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Yesterday, the memory of Shadia’s departure passed, and I found in the memory what deserves to be told about the person Shadia, because the artist Shadia is not enough volumes for her!!.