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An unforgettable coincidence .. A girl gave birth in room 2 on 2/22/22 at 2:22 .. (Photos)

As it happened in Room # 2 at 2:22 am EDT on 2/22/22, Auberley and Hong Spear will never forget their daughter’s birthday.

This wonderful birthday took place at the Almans Regional Medical Center in Burlington, North Carolina, according to ConHealth, a network of hospitals across the state.

About 10 hours after Aberle’s birth, Conhealth announced that the Spears family had named their newborn daughter Judah Grace. Yesterday afternoon, Tuesday on Twitter and Facebook she wrote in posts: “Judah Grace Spear was born on February 22 22 at 2:22 am at the Alumni Regional Medical Center, Maternity and Maternity Room No.2.”

As Conhealth said, “The name Judah Grace fits her story perfectly. Judah is a compliment and a blessing to her family. We are so happy for this beautiful family! Happy Birthday, Judas Grace!”

February 22, 2022 is considered an alternative because the sequence of numbers does not change meaning even if you write forward or backward.

The United States writes the date with the month, day and year (2/22/22), while countries like the UK write the date, month and year (22/2/22), but the end date remains the same.

Source: Fox News

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