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An uproar in Jordan.. Videos of scandalous actions in the middle of the street

An uproar in Jordan.. Videos of scandalous actions in the middle of the street

Recently spread in Jordan 5 scandalous video clips of people inside vehicles, practicing acts contrary to public modesty in the public streets, which sparked controversy in the country amid a wave of criticism on the communication sites.

This prompted the General Security to immediately intervene and confirm that most of the videos that were circulated were old or filmed outside the country, with the exception of one clip, and the owner was arrested.

Security clarifies

And the media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, announced in a statement yesterday evening, Monday, “that recently, some people, without the slightest sense of social and moral responsibility, circulated and published immoral materials and contents through various communication sites, which is something that everyone must know that it is against the law.” and public morals and puts its publisher under legal accountability.

He also stressed that “most of the videos that are being circulated are old or did not take place inside the country, while the necessary legal measures were taken against those who appeared in the new video that circulated a few days ago, and those who filmed and published it.”

In addition, he stressed that publishing such materials allows them to reach groups that the law criminalizes viewing them, such as children, and here lies another responsibility that forces us all to wait and think carefully before publishing or recirculating it.

He also pointed out that the responsibility requires those who receive such videos or those who film them to deliver them to the Public Security Directorate, which has opened several channels to communicate with it, such as the (911) application, the Jordan Knights application, or the email to the Public Security Directorate [email protected] And its official pages on social networking sites, or even calling (911) and reviewing the nearest security center, to communicate such observations so that the necessary measures are taken regarding them within the framework of the law.

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5 indecent videos

And there were 5 videos spread on the communication sites, of people inside their vehicles practicing acts contrary to public modesty, most notably the “Toyota Prius” video, which prompted the security services to act immediately and arrest the perpetrator, in addition to the person who filmed.

One of the lawyers revealed that the Public Prosecutor at the East Amman Court, Judge Ahmed Mansour, arrested the Prius videographer for a week in Marka prison, on charges of displaying obscene material and violating the sanctity of modesty according to the cybercrime law.

While it is expected, according to the source, that the accused will be sentenced to three years in prison, on the accusation of actually interfering with participation.