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Vojáci na rusko-ukrajinské hranici

Analysis: Ukraine urgently wants to join NATO. Russia does not intend to allow this

In addition, on Saturday morning, two large Russian military ships, along with nearly two dozen other small invasion ships, sailed through Istanbul in the Black Sea. According to Reuters, two more Russian fighters can soon be expected to pass through the Aegean Sea through the Bosphorus.

The Russians participated in the bombing of the warehouse at Vorpites. You can read all about the topic here

On Friday, the Russian Intelligence Service of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in St. Petersburg detained Ukrainian diplomat Oleksandr Susunok. For a few hours. reason? Presumably due to espionage. I informed the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TASS.

“Russia is interested in rebuilding the empire. Moscow cannot and does not want to imagine its empire without Ukraine. Moscow is concerned about Ukraine not having its own policy, and not joining the western circle of civilization.” Said Lenka Vychova, the well-known Czech, Ukrainian, about the reasons for the escalation in the last days of the Daily This is why all this is happening in the East now.

US military ships are also planning to enter the Black Sea this week. But according to Ankara, the United States changed its mind this week. Political geographers believe this was due to concerns of further tensions in the region. The United States expelled dozens of Russian diplomats and imposed sanctions on dozens of companies over confirmed suspicions that Russian intelligence services were using influential operations to influence the US presidential election.

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After a joint meeting, French presidents Emmanuel Macron, Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Russia to withdraw its forces from the Ukrainian border and from the occupied Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. According to Zelensky, talks between US and Russian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin could also help ease tensions in Ukraine-Russia relations, but according to the Ukrainian head of state, his country’s representative must be present. But Vladimir Putin said that the issue of the Russian-American summit is still premature.

As early as the beginning of April, the Ukrainian president asked the Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to NATO. The Kremlin immediately warned that membership would exacerbate the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Reuters wrote that Zelensky is convinced that his country’s plan to join NATO will be a clear signal to Russia, and it is also the only way to end the conflict in the Donbas. Russia’s response was expected. Moscow warns of an unnecessary escalation of tensions, to which it will have to respond appropriately.

But they are not only concerned about Russian work in Ukraine or the Caucasus. The Finns and Swedes have also gained Russian attention in recent months. Among the fears of the entire Scandinavia, in addition to the regular air violations, are the frequent military maneuvers of the Russians on the Kola Peninsula, which borders Russia and Finland. Last fall, for example, Moscow tested supersonic missiles with a range of 1,000 kilometers. Northern capitals no longer take similar activities seriously and the inauguration is already talking of a threat. For these reasons, the Americans deployed their B1 strategic bombers to the Arctic in February.

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Nikolai Korshunov, the Russian ambassador to the Arctic Council, warned indignantly after the US move that “the current militarization in this region may set us back several decades, right in the Cold War.”