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Anas Al-Balbeisi: “Watan A Watar” .. Drama “The Refraining Plain”

The team of the satirical comedy series “Watan A Watar” is filming its new season in the capital, Abu Dhabi, led by Jordanian director Anas Al-Balbeisi, one of the bright names of the new generation of directors in Jordan.


The series, as director Al-Balbisi explains, is produced by “IC Media”, and starring Imad Faragin, Muhammad Al-Titi, and Nariman Abdel-Karim. It will be shown on the Roya channel and social networking sites, during the holy month of Ramadan.

Director Al-Bilbesi says that Abu Dhabi was chosen for filming due to the facilities and capabilities provided by the Emirates, in addition to the availability of an ideal production environment and structure that meets all work needs in terms of locations, studios and various production services. This reflects the fact that the UAE has become an important and competitive production center.

Al-Bilbesi points out that the photography experience in the UAE opens wide horizons for artists at the level of acting, directing and photography, and also provides a rich experience for workers in the production side.

satirical criticism

Al-Balbisi explains that the series presents, through thirty separate episodes, doses of satirical social criticism, of a general Arabic character, and discusses through various titles a wide range of social phenomena, and presents them through funny situations and harsh comments that the star of the work, the well-known comedian Imad Farajin, excels in. .

The director, Al-Bilbesi, points out that the series was able, during about fifteen years of its appearance on the screens, to gain a wide audience of viewers, especially in the Levant region, where it is considered one of the most watched and followed works.

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Al-Balbeisi considers that directing the series “Watan A Watar”, including its comedy and satirical situations, represents a real challenge, as it is not easy to deal with a directorial work that can be classified as easy.

It is mentioned that Al-Bilbesi has a lot of works in which he participated, such as: “Raud Al-Muzn”, “Circles of Love”, “Hanaya Al-Ghaith”, “The Red Tear”, “Ghalis Slaughter”, “Al-Aqab and Al-Afra”, “Ghalis Revenge”, “Bint and Boy”, “Al-Deira”, “Harem Tariq”, and other works that were filmed between Jordan and the Emirates.