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Anatomy between the Alexandrian heritage and contemporary medicine.. on the table of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Anatomy between the Alexandrian heritage and contemporary medicine.. on the table of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Within the framework of the ninth season of the cultural program of the Alexandria Project, the Library Sector in the BA will organize, on Monday, 27 September, at 1:00 pm, a scientific lecture entitled “Anatomy between the Alexandrian heritage and contemporary medicine”, in which Dr. Hanan El-Sayed Youssef Professor Assistant of Greek and Roman Studies, Division of Greek and Latin Studies, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University.

The lecture “Anatomy between the Alexandrian heritage and contemporary medicine” deals with the emergence of human anatomy in Alexandria, which led to another remarkable achievement in the field of surgical sciences and precise operations that flourished in Alexandria, namely the practice of surgery, especially since many surgeons who moved to Rome to work in it graduated from Alexandria School.

The Roman doctor took from ancient Egyptian medicine the specialized medical system that was admired by ancient historians (Herodotus) saying, “The science of medicine is divided among them, so every doctor deals with only one disease, some doctors specialize in the eyes, some in the head, and some in the teeth. The medicine that the world of doctors in ancient Egypt owes was followed in the Alexandria Medical School.

Alexandria was undoubtedly the pioneer in the field of medicine, whether in diagnosing or treating diseases and finding out their causes, symptoms and how to treat them, a position sung by ancient poets and recorded by historians.

The best witness to this is what (Galen) mentioned when he says: “Alexandria is the best place among the medical centers in the Greco-Roman world, in which he teaches the foundations of human anatomy,” and that he himself did not rise to the level of anatomy of apes and pigs.

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Even the Roman physician (Seles) testified, thanks to the Alexandrian school in the field of human anatomy, by saying: “Both (Herophilus) and (Arastratus) had achieved their superior knowledge of anatomy, and without this Alexandrian achievement, surgical sciences would not have advanced in Alexandria and moved to Rome later.

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