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And say, “Lord, increase me in knowledge.”

by Dr. Mufida Ibrahim Ali

Knowledge in Islam has a special place, for the Almighty, in His Noble Book, urged knowledge and urged His servants to be provided with it because of the Almighty’s saying: “Do not be hasty with the Qur’an before it is decreed for you.” And it is for the sake of worship, and it is a kind of jihad in the way of God. The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever follows a path in which there is knowledge, God will make easy for him a path to Paradise.” And because of the Almighty’s saying: “Ask the people of the Remembrance if you do not know.” An-Nahl-43, and seeking knowledge at the present time is no longer a matter of choice, but rather has become one of the necessities of life urged by all the heavenly laws. Ignorance is a graveyard for ambition, and a path to loss, unlike knowledge that illuminates hearts before paths, for with knowledge the mind and thought grow and the world becomes a more beautiful, better and easier space for life. It is the fate that distinguished the father of the wilderness Adam over the angels, and knowledge is sometimes in the minds, sometimes in the tongue, and sometimes in writing with eloquence. Because of the importance of knowledge in the life of every human being, the first five verses of the Book of God, the Mighty and Sublime, were revealed to the Master of the Messengers, urging us to learn and learn in the Almighty’s saying: “Read in the name of your Lord who created What he did not know.” Al-Alaq – 1-5.

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Seeking knowledge is a virtue rather it is an obligation upon every Muslim man and woman and upon every human being. It is the basis for the progress of all nations. Science facilitates practical matters and makes their success more assured. And knowledge is a vast ocean. Whenever I drink from it, I feel thirsty. In it, societies and peoples are successful, and with knowledge, crimes and problems such as injustice, poverty and unemployment are reduced. One of the most prominent forms of misguidance in today’s civilization is the focus on material science and the world of martyrdom. As a result, materialistic human beings have no meaning for religion and morals in their hearts: “They know outwardly from this worldly life, and they are unaware of the afterlife, and they are unaware of the hereafter, and the faithful and obedient have the purpose of the world and the obedient.” 7: And the more knowledge of man increases, the more his morals become more sublime, and man becomes more valuable and has an entity among people.

Dean of the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies