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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Joe Biden arrives to pose with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (not pictured) during the NATO summit at the Alliances headquarters in Brussels

And the breakdown of preparations gives a penalty, and NATO will also use a joint defense

US President Joe Biden will attend the NATO leaders meeting in person. I wonder under what circumstances the link should be activated on the common defense of the member states.
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eEuropean forces are invading Ukraine in the Dalm – u ptm sanctions package against Russia. Details will be announced within five days and at the end of the week, on Thursday and Friday, they must be approved by EU members at a summit in Brussels. The NATO summit, which will be personally represented by US President Joe Biden, will be held in the Belgian capital on Thursday.

Allies should discuss potential joint responsibility if they decide to assist Russia militarily in Ukraine. At the weekend, several foreign media outlets, citing high-ranking sources in European and American diplomacy, reported that Beijing was considering a positive response to Putin’s supply of arms. He assured Ukraine last week that it would not be attacked.

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