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And they went to the gardens. Helicopters and swimming pools sales have grown even if they are limited

Throughout the spring shutdown, about a third of small and medium-sized retailers remained closed, but overall sales in this period were down about 5 and 10 percent compared to the BedCovid base.

Over the past few weeks, when there was easing, 9 out of 10 retailers using the cash register system gradually opened. Hop sales are up a little, according to Dotykaky editor Petr Menclk.

The largest number of needs was logically known immediately after release. In the first week after the retail opening, sales according to Touches rose 44 percent above Pedcovide’s benchmark. In the next two weeks, furnace membership purchases fell slightly. However, the values ​​of the aggregate needs of small and medium-sized retail trade (excluding large chains) remain approximately 35 percent higher than the values ​​of November 2020. However, the situation is understandable in individual sectors.


Stable volume can be seen, for example, in housing accessories, in specialized stores, such as cycling, sports, hunting equipment, etc. With the gradual opening of almost all stores in these sectors, only one tenth of them remained closed. But sales are up about 50 percent above pre-pandemic sales. Peter Minklick explains that people now spend about half as much as two or more on two.

The biggest shift caused by the pandemic can be seen in the field of pet breeding, including dogs, kochis and small animals, and a growing hobby.

It’s clear from needs in stores that focus on breeding or gardening needs that once the epidemic hit the home, they’ve shared different pets or at least started to improve their hustle and bustle, Minckelck comments. Unlike other stores, where sales have been more noticeable and have recently slowed down, in animal and plant stores it was possible to monitor the number of needs throughout the epidemic.

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In recent weeks, sales in this segment have been compared to 2020 benchmarks and tripled. Seasonalism can be explained, however, as we’ve noticed hundreds are more than one hundred percent in the fall months, even in November and December, according to Minkelk. Undoubtedly, he said, the current boom in weekend cottage and cottage purchases has also contributed to this.

In the epidemic year, the parks became the main city where it lasted for a while. And they’ve improved them, or they’ve bought a lot of pools and whirlpools, and hobby markets only confirm these sales.

Stores cut out the online store as needed. Online shopping stle thnou

Last year, we recorded the number of sales by 15 percent compared to 2019. In the first quarter of this year, the number of sales was 20 percent compared to 2020. In the epidemic period and in the first quarter of this year, garden equipment was used. best seller. Then record holders became cutting machines, according to Pool & Whirlpool, adds Katina Bahmoff, a Mountfield spokeswoman.

Similarly, Hornbach’s sales group increased by 15.4 per cent to €5,456 million in 2020/21. Hornbach Baumarkt AG, the largest operating subsidiary, which operates 163 branches and online stores in nine countries across Europe as of the balance sheet date of February 28, 2021, said sales had increased 15.6% to 5,117 million euros. In print first.

It has changed our clients’ rearing, rebuilding their homes, improving their gardens, digging crawls… This should be a good basis for doing our business this year and at the same time we want to meet the long-term demand for construction and craftwork, Albrecht Hornbach emphasized at the outset. , CEO of Hornbach Management AG.

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Offline nkupy elektra stle thnou

Special categories are electrical and industrial equipment stores. In contrast to other retail sectors, this type of goods showed the least change in the number of open establishments.

About 70 percent of them worked all spring, and this gradually increased slightly, to about 75 and 80 percent. Even sales remained high. It seems people are used to buying this type of merchandise online, Petr Menclk.

However, according to him, it has been observed that customers still belong to the traditional offline purchase. In the case of expensive ovens, oven personnel have only two advantages so that they can inspect the goods before buying, and it is better to touch them. The biggest sales were seen on the first Saturday after release. They jumped on that day against the two Sabbaths of the infantry at three hundred percent.

According to Alza press reports, there have been no drastic changes in sales in recent weeks.

All sectors from large electronics to home consumption, to laptops and mobile phones are sold with the same intensity. Perhaps this is the main reason for the fact that even on our website we dream of providing enough information and detailed information to help them choose and buy, and therefore they do not have to wait for the opening of stone branches, adds Daniel Chuvankov. .

Nkupn horeka kles zejmna u obleen

The jump in demand in terms of easing was mainly seen in the trade of copper textiles and accessories. Sales, which have been benchmarked against Pedcovide throughout the spring, were in the range of just 10 and 25 percent, in the first week of the decline to 152 percent.


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It was only 129 percent in the second week, and the slight decline continued that week. We estimate that this week it will close at around 120 per cent, Peter Minckelk said. According to him, 29 per cent of the trade is now in the copper sector. Jet Ped mscem was 70 percent.

The gradual decline was confirmed, for example, by the Freeport Hat MDN outlet, but in other months it was especially noticeable. It remains high, not only above the long-term average, but also above locks after lockout. For now, we will not hesitate to do so in connection with the new events proposed by the retailers, and accordingly, with an excellent invitation, customers from Austria, adds Jan Proczka, Director of Freeport Fashion Outlet.