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And yet it does exist!  BMW showcased the original E36 M3 Compact

And yet it does exist! BMW showcased the original E36 M3 Compact

When they’ve worked at BMW for a whole generation E36 series 3, They came to the conclusion that they needed a compact cart that would sell well, be suitable for cities and could also be a competition to the hot gates of the time. Thus the fully pressurized production line was already established.

Photo: BMW

The Compact series was originally supposed to be affordable, which is a bit hampered with the M3 version

The chassis was designed with an emphasis on low production costs, with the compact model being the cheapest in the series. Perhaps that is why it was not introduced in the M3 version, although that does not mean it was not made that way.

Munich recently released an official video showing in all its glory the only original BMW E36 M3 Compact from 1996, which hosts the 321 HP S50B32 V6 engine in all its glory. M3 Cup.

Photo: BMW

Inside the car is the S50B32 inline 6-cylinder engine from the M3 Coupé

Compared to the Coupe, the Compact is 23 cm shorter and also 150 kg lighter – due to its sporting potential (it weighs only 1.3 tons). Inside you’ll find a number of lightweight components, such as the seats by Recara, as well as a bumper frame or Alcantara upholstery.

Although it is compressed ‘Emoji’ Shorter than the coupe, its wheelbase has been preserved, so the car’s stability has not been affected. Unfortunately, and this is very unfortunate, the project did not go into series production.

So you don’t have many options to have this dream car. Offer to storm BMW warehouses and flip over the original (not recommended), build it like Frank Kohn from Luxembourg, or at least stick M tags on the E36316i Compact and drive and tears in your eyes. Drift To the mall, which we also can’t recommend.

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