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Android 12 will bring a new environment.  Google has shown what it will look like -

Android 12 will bring a new environment. Google has shown what it will look like –

The first public beta comes close to Android 12, and Google is gradually revealing what we can look forward to. In the new developer architecture, show the direction in which the system’s appearance will go. It will introduce new animations and look very close to Samsung’s One UI.

Various hints for the new look of Android 12 have been leaked long ago, including new features directly in the first betas. There are (some) new switches or background items on the menu. But now, along with another developer release, Google has shown one of the biggest changes.

It’s not a new design in terms of colors or icons, but it’s the layout of the controls. Android will copy One UI, which uses large item titles, so the same keys and options can be easily accessed once you open them.

You can watch this news in our video:

There are still many bugs in the current beta – for example, the font size in the settings does not match the width of the system, etc., but you can see which direction Google is heading. At the same time, the volume key has changed, it is much larger and reminds us of solutions for Android accessories from Asian manufacturers.

The final version will be at the end of the summer

Also new is the application launch animation, where the application icon appears in full screen along with the background color. And once you get to the bottom of the page, instead of the colored bar indicating you can’t scroll any further, the entire content expands. This is a small change, but it will make it easier for the user to get to the bottom of the page.

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Anyone with the latest news can test it Any of the supported phones. We tested the Android 12 beta on the Pixel 4 XL, and it only showed minor annoying bugs instead of directly preventing the device from being used. However, you don’t have to install an infinite system on your main machine.

The first public beta version of the system should launch in May, and the final version around September.