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Android phone users .. a "necessary step" that you should not neglect

Android phone users .. a “necessary step” that you should not neglect

Cnet said that the browser Internet on Android phones, whether it’sgoogle chrome“or”Firefox“or”Samsung InternetIt collects and stores data every time you surf the web.

He added, “This data forms what are known as cookies and cache, which help your phone to quickly log into your accounts and load the sites you visit frequently, and enhance your experience with Ads“.

But this data eventually “builds up”, taking up important space on your phone. Therefore, experts advise that you should clear these files from time to time, to enhance the efficiency of the browser and to preserve some privacy.

Below we will learn how to clear cookies and cache, manually:

google chrome

  • You can do this step by: Pressing the “More” button in the upper right corner of Browserthen tap History, then Clear Browsing Data.
  • After that, click onPrivacy and security” and then “Clear browsing data”.

Samsung Internet

  • First click on the “Options” button in the lower right corner (three horizontal lines), then “Settings”, then “Personal data”, then click on “Delete browsing data”.
  • This feature will give you, the ability to clear cookies and site data andPictures and stored files and passwords.


  • As with Chrome, tap the More button to the right of the address bar, denoted by three horizontal dots, tap Settings, and scroll down, specifically to Delete Browsing Data.

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