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Aneta Krejčíková is mentally busy: fighting a tough partner!

Aneta Krejčíková is mentally busy: fighting a tough partner!

Anita KryzhikovaUlice, who is famous mainly thanks to the series Ulice, has had plenty of time for her kids throughout the year, but she admits that she also had a difficult time. Now, of course, he is looking to restore cultural life, which would awaken an already exhausted society. The coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic had the biggest impact on my psyche.

Dual Mother Aneta Krejčíková confesses: There are days when I can’t do this!

In general, I realize how nervous she is – even mentally. Not only from my side, but also around me. The epidemic has been going on for a long time. I spend time at home and somehow it doesn’t restrict me, but it does occupy my mind a little. I have to tell myself that I very much look forward to my work and social connection. I’m a very social person so I’m really looking forward to it. ” He revealed Aneta at ŽivotvČ

Anita Krechikova: I am a full-time mother! The epidemic did not touch me!

Although she was lucky by herself and didn’t pass the virus, her partner fought the virus twice! “It was the first time at a time when the epidemic had not started well. At that time he was returning from the mountains of Austria, where he was“ skiing ”with the children. He had been sick for a long time, and he had a fever and it was very severe. It might have been Coronavirus. He experienced it for the second time at Christmas, but it didn’t have any extra strong pathway, “ Actress added.

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