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Anger in Jordan over the “declaration of intent” agreement with Israel and the UAE

The declaration of intent agreement reached by Jordan and Israel in Dubai recently was met with criticism and rejection positions from various circles for many reasons, including the haste in approving it, and the contradiction of official statements about it.

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The Jordanian Minister of Water and Irrigation, Muhammad Al-Najjar, had previously described the declaration of intent as a mere agreement between the parties to start a feasibility study for the project, explaining that the idea of ​​the project is for an Emirati company to generate renewable energy in southern Jordan, to enjoy sufficient brightness of sunlight, so that the Generating clean electric power and selling it to the Israeli side. In return, Jordan obtains potable water through desalinating the Red Sea water and transferring it to Jordan.

However, the move faced severe criticism from some political circles in Jordan, where the “Partnership and Rescue” party described it as “a new disappointment recorded by the government,” adding to this situation with a sharp comment saying: “It is time for this absurdity to stop, for the Minister of Information denies the news of the agreement, and the Minister The water is signed by the evening. Doesn’t Jordan deserve better management than this?

The Jordanian Dental Association, in turn, expressed in a statement its rejection of the agreement, which was described as “robbing our political will and linking it to the Zionist entity.

In addition, popular political movements called on Jordanians to demonstrate next Friday in opposition to this agreement between Jordan and Israel to exchange water and electricity.

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And the Reuters news agency had quoted Saleh Al-Armouti, a member of the Jordanian Parliament, in a statement in which he said: “They have violated all conventions and treaties, and they have violated international law, international legitimacy and the decisions of the Hague Court regarding the wall and the raped women.” And he is being violated like this?! And then this constitutes a dangerous nerve against Jordan and Jordan’s national security.. We have many alternatives.”

In the same context, Anatolia News Agency earlier quoted political analyst, Amer Al-Sabayleh, that “the agreement does not contain any surprise, as the course of things indicated the inevitability of reaching this point.”

Al-Sabayla believed that “Jordan has not developed any alternative options on the issue of water or creative solutions to address its shortage, especially with the suspension of the Bahrain Transmission Project, which is ultimately a project with Israel.”

He pointed to what he described as surprising in this agreement, which is that “between two countries, between which a peace agreement has existed for more than 25 years, I need a country like the UAE to be a mediator between them, which means that the project cannot be viewed in its Jordanian-Israeli dimension, but rather in the larger regional dimension that is being marketed.” He has been in the Emirates for a while.

It is noteworthy that the declaration of intent agreement between Jordan, Israel and the UAE is based on Jordan’s production of 600 megawatts of electricity by solar energy and exporting it to Israel, in return for Israel providing Jordan with about 200 million cubic meters of water from desalination plants.

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The statements of the expert Munther Haddadin, a former Jordanian minister of water and negotiator for the water file in the Wadi Araba agreement, caused an uproar among Jordanians.

He confirmed that 85.5% of the precipitation goes to zero benefit.

Source: Anatolia + Reuters + RT