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Anger rises..Britain unions raise flag of defiance on Labor Day..Railway plans expansion plan..Teachers overwhelmingly reject government proposal..Suspension from nursing service for days..and “Chunak” faces criticism

Written by Rabab Fathi

Tuesday, 09 May 2023 03:00 AM

Lasting Strikes in the United Kingdom Despite efforts by Rishi Sunak’s government to reach settlements with the striking unions, some of them have rejected the offers as insufficient.

British newspaper “Metro” reports that junior doctors, airport staff, teachers, passport office staff and others will continue their strike in May.

Labor union Unison recently voted to accept the NHS’s pay deal, with 74 per cent of its 150,000 members voting in favour.

However, some union leaders have warned that the UK could see industrial strikes for the rest of the year, possibly even at Christmas, if conditions do not change as some major unions, including the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, are now back in action. strike.

Strikes currently planned for this month include:

Train drivers

Aslive train drivers’ union recently announced three upcoming strike dates after a rail supply union proposal was rejected as “difficult”.

As many as 16 train operating companies are affected as the National Union of Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers has announced a strike on May 13.

Train operators are expected to go on strike on May 12, May 13, May 31 and June 3.

Heathrow Airport staff

Heathrow airport workers have also joined the ranks of those due to strike in May, with around 1,400 security officers planning to strike from Unite on May 4-6, May 9-10 and May 25-27.

Sharon Graham, the union’s general secretary, said: “Once again a CEO thinks it is wrong to increase his profits by denying his workers adequate pay rises. As more workers vote this dispute will intensify and unrest continues. All summer long.”

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Passport Office Staff

About 1,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services Union participated (PCS) industrial strike (beginning in early April), the union warned, warning that the strikes would have a “significant impact” on the service’s ability to issue passports promptly – in time for the summer.


National Association for Education (National Education Association)NEU98% of participating teachers in England rejected the referendum on the government’s pay offer.

The union warned of possible further action: “Representatives at the conference voted that if negotiations fail, the union will use the election period from May 15 to start a re-enfranchisement for teaching members in England. This schedule will continue on strike for two months.” 3 days in late June / early July to be confirmed by admin on 18th May.

BBC local radio journalists

BBC journalists staged a 24-hour walkout in the run-up to local elections to protest cuts to the local broadcaster’s production.

These plans will result in many job losses and journalists will now be forced to reapply for their own jobs. There are warnings that the proposals could slowly destroy the local radio station, which has 5.7 million loyal listeners.


The Royal College of Nursing recently wrote to Health Secretary Steve Barclay to reopen pay negotiations and announce a 48-hour walkout from 8pm on April 30, with no exceptions.

Pat Cullen, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “What has been provided so far is not enough. The Government must increase what it already provides and we will strongly criticize any move to reduce it.” He also warned of an impending strike.

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