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Angry Premier League clubs call for an emergency meeting after Saudi Arabia’s takeover of Newcastle

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Premier League clubs have expressed outrage over the Saudi Investment Fund’s takeover of Newcastle United and are pressing for an emergency meeting next week.

The English newspaper “The Guardian” reported that the decision of the Saudi Investment Fund to acquire 80% of the shares of Newcastle FC was met with clear and strong resentment by the rest of the English Premier League clubs.

She explained that the remaining nineteen clubs in the English Premier League demanded an emergency meeting with the League, to discuss the repercussions of the situation in Newcastle, and not an attempt to obstruct the acquisition process (because it is too late).

And the British newspaper pointed out that the anger of other clubs stems from their confusion about the change in the position of the English Premier League towards the desire of the Saudi Investment Fund to buy Newcastle.

The association previously rejected the investment fund’s attempts to buy Newcastle more than a year ago, but its position has changed at the present time, which has puzzled the rest of the Premier League clubs.

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Newcastle's new owners are the richest among club owners in the world.. Can you imagine his future squad

And it stated that other English Premier League clubs believe that the reputation of the championship may be “polluted” by the Saudi Investment Fund’s acquisition of the vast majority of Newcastle shares, and therefore they called for an urgent meeting.

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The arrival of a new group of billionaires is bound to upset the clubs who see Newcastle on the horizon as a more competitive city and the prospect of the wealth of St James’ Park, the stronghold of Newcastle, swelling.

Source: theguardian