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Animals rejoice, the first meat factory was opened

Animals rejoice, the first meat factory was opened

They can produce about half a ton of meat per day in the newly opened factory. “The opening in itself is an important step towards showing products on regular store shelves. We plan to do this in 2022,” said Rom Kish, the company’s director.

The meat produced in the laboratory in the future will help in the fight against climate change, according to the producers, the production process itself is also faster than animal husbandry. The demand for meat is also increasing from people who prefer meat produced over regular meat from slaughterhouses.

The factory currently produces less than half a ton of meat per day.


According to the company, laboratory meat production consumes 99 percent less farmland, 96 percent less water and the production process itself, and up to 80 percent less greenhouse gases, which play a vital role in the climate change process.

The factory now mainly specializes in chicken, pork and lamb. In the near future, it should also start producing beef. “Our goal is to make farmed meat accessible to everyone, while ensuring that we produce delicious, healthy and sustainable foods, which will help secure the future of future generations,” said Israeli biomedical engineer Yaakov Nahmias.