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Anne Robinson explodes in Britain 'Awake': 'I'm tired of being told what to do!'  |  United Kingdom

Anne Robinson explodes in Britain ‘Awake’: ‘I’m tired of being told what to do!’ | United Kingdom

The TV presenter, who is known for his tense confrontations with rivals, will take charge as the new host of Channel 4’s quiz show Countdown next week when he takes part in the quiz show Weekst Link. The 76-year-old explained his special relationship with a countdown contestant who “taught English to non-English speakers”. But she was stunned by his answer to a question about his career.

The Countdown host insisted he did not want to “distort his language” and added that “we came out well even though we hurt people”.

He said, “I have a chiropractor, he’s gay — it’s not funny, I tell you – I live with a homosexual, they adopted twins, and in the process, they learned a lot of what I call the ‘awake’ language.”

“I think this is one of all the tests they have to take. Every time I step on my feet I learn something new or not to say, ‘Who is that judge?’ “

He added, “Actually, a contestant at Countdown this week said he taught English to non-Englishmen, and I said: Do you teach English to foreigners?”

He said, “We never said that.” Is he awake? Does anyone know?

“I’m not sick of it. I have to say ‘mixed traditions’. People say ‘I’m not sick of mixed race’.”

“I think people are told what to do in situations where they can’t tell us what to do.

“I do not want to lose my language – I do not want to lose my English.

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The spokesman openly said that many of the things he said earlier could not be said today while providing a weak link for 11 and a half years.

When asked who would be a good presenter for a show that stopped today, Ms. Robinson replied: “Well, I’m not responsible for BBC Light Entertainment, but I recommend a completely different approach to one.

“I think it’s remarkable that I finished in 2011 and woke up after that.

“I imagine there are a lot of things you said that you can’t say right now. This is one of the reasons you need a host with a completely different approach.”