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Announcing the crew No. 1 participating in the “Emirates Space Simulation” soon – Emirates – news and reports

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced that the date of the selection of the number one crew, who will participate in the “Emirates Space Simulation Project”, the first national mission to simulate life in space, is approaching. And the center indicated in an announcement published yesterday on its accounts on social networking sites, that the crew will consist of two people, one of whom is basic, and the other is a reserve, who will go through an 8-month global experiment at the Institute of Medical and Biological Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, to simulate life in the space environment along with participants. from different countries. According to the center, the mission is part of the international scientific research program at the unique ground station “Sirius” and will focus on studying the effect of isolation in a closed place for a long period of time on the psychological and physical functional state of humans.

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The project comes within the framework of the “Mars 2117 Program”, which aims to build the first human settlement on the surface of the Red Planet by the year 2117, in which dozens of applicants were registered, who were subjected to many tests, which resulted in the selection of 10 candidates, only two of them will be selected in the near future. Next November, the International Scientific Research Program will be held at the Cirrus Earth Station. The team participating in the international scientific experiment will undergo behavioral and psychological experiments and tests that will help find answers about the impact of the isolated space environment on humans, and these results will be used to design and implement future missions for sending manned space exploration missions. The international scientific experiment, “Cyrus 20/21”, provides a great opportunity for a young Emirati to be part of a pivotal experiment that will lay the foundations for the design and implementation of future space missions, and draw a road map for the exploration of Mars and other planets.

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It will also contribute mainly to the development of local capabilities to contribute to the implementation of the Mars 2117 program, while the project, upon its launch, will focus on studying the impact of isolation and staying in one place for a long time on human physical, mental and psychological health, especially that the simulation experience has a major role in the field of space exploration and the absorption of various aspects related to it, and helping scientists to develop effective mechanisms and techniques to implement future tasks that serve humanity. Analog experiments simulating life on Mars come to become an important element in determining the form and mechanism of implementing future missions to explore Mars and other planets, as humans can conduct research that answers many questions about the impact of the space environment on human life without the need to send people to space.