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Announcing the list of the Saudi national team participating in the Gulf 25

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The Saudi Olympic team coach, Saad Al-Shehri, announced the “Al-Akhdar” list that will participate in the Gulf Cup “Gulf 25”, which will be held in the Iraqi city of Basra from January 6 to 19, 2023.

The Saudi list for the tournament included 23 players, and they are as follows:

Nawaf Al-Aqeedi, Abd al-Basit Hawsawi, Muhammad al-Absi, Maddallah Al-Olayan, Muhammad Abu al-Shamat, Ahmed Basmoud, Hussein al-Subyani, Ziyad al-Sahafi, Mishaal al-Subyani, Rayan Hamed, Qassem Lagami, Riyad Sharahili, Faisal al-Ghamdi, Awad al-Nashiri, Nayef Masoud, Musab al-Juwair Saad Al-Nasser, Hussein Al-Issa, Samihan Al-Nabit, Turki Al-Ammar, Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, Raed Al-Ghamdi, Muhammad Maran.

The group stage draw drew Saudi Arabia into one group, along with Iraq, Oman and Yemen.

It is scheduled that Al-Akhdar will launch his internal camp in Riyadh, the day after tomorrow, Sunday, and he will leave for Iraq, next Wednesday.

The Saudi national team will start the Gulf Cup tournament against Yemen next Friday, and will face Iraq on the ninth of next month, before the end of the group stage against Oman, on the 12th of the same month.


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