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Mutace koronaviru

Another boom? Vietnam is dreading a hybrid of the Indian and British variants of the virus

“In Vietnam, we first discovered a new type of coronavirus with signs of Indian and British mutations,” Vietnamese Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said at a press conference at the weekend.

Until recently, the country was cited as an example of how it dealt with a disease. For example, it has introduced strict screening and control programs, for example for travelers at airports, Remember CNN. But from the end of April, the situation here is rapidly deteriorating and the number of newly infected people is increasing rapidly. Nearly half of all infections detected in the country were recorded in the past month. It is not yet clear if the rapidly increasing number of patients is due to the type of virus recently studied, but if this is the case, it indicates a high rate of infection.

The Vietnamese minister stressed that “the fourth wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam includes infections in industrial areas, more deposits of the virus as well as its various variants. The infection will spread very quickly and it will be very difficult to manage.”

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) are already working with the Vietnamese to confirm or refute a completely new mutation in the Coronavirus. “We expect additional variants to be discovered as the virus spreads and evolves.” Van Kerkhove.

Given the rapid growth of new cases, Vietnam is introducing new emergency measures – life is currently severely limited in Ho Chi Minh City, the most populous country in the country. For example, stores were forced to close, and religious people were not so lucky. The restrictions remain in effect for the next 14 days from Monday. In other parts of the country, stricter measures have been taken since last week. 96 million people live in the country, less than 30,000 of whom have received the vaccine.

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