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Another grade for Texas silicone. Samsung will build a microchip factory there

“This is the largest foreign direct investment ever in Texas,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Wednesday, according to Reuter. Construction will begin early next year, and the first chips are expected to leave the complex in 2024.

Samsung originally suggested that Austin, Texas or New York was considered the site of its planned factory. It already has one chip production facility in Austin and has been working there since the late 1990s. However, most of the company’s chip production is located in Asia.

5G chipset and AI

The end of Silicon Valley fame? Tech companies attract both Florida and Texas

The Associated Press writes that there has been a recent shortage of microchips around the world, which is badly affecting the global economy, and is also a national security problem for the United States. American companies rely on the supply of chips from abroad, especially from Taiwan. He wants to dominate China in the long run, which has been more aggressive towards him lately.

The South Korean giant plans to produce highly developed chips that will be used in the new plant, for example in the field of 5G networks or artificial intelligence. With its help, it also wants to “enhance the resilience of supply chains”.

Samsung received a number of incentives from Texas, such as reducing the property tax in the first 10 years of operation of the plant by about 93 percent. He also received a grant from a Texas investment fund worth $27 million (613 million kronor).

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The lack of chips sparked interest in starting their production in other countries. For example, the European Commission said this month that it plans to approve funding to support semiconductor production in the 27-nation bloc.