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Another Toyota hydrogen.  Corolla Cross H2 is supposed to be an alternative to electric cars

Another Toyota hydrogen. Corolla Cross H2 is supposed to be an alternative to electric cars

The pathways to carbon neutrality are varied, and Toyota sees it in hydrogen, among others. Proof is its models like the Mirai with fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electricity, and now the new concept of the Corolla Cross H2 urban crossover, which burns hydrogen instead of petrol or diesel.

He’s got it under the hood GR Yaris Concept Redesigned 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine from the GR division. The same hydrogen unit was used by Toyota in the Super Taikyu racing series, and also demonstrated a demonstration engine in the WRC series. So it is interesting to note the use of the engine in a road car.

Toyota claims the hydrogen boosted engine performance by 24 percent, putting it on par with a gasoline-powered car. Range has also been increased by 30 percent, while the hydrogen injection time has been reduced to about a minute and a half thanks to the racing experience and needs. It’s still a high value in racing, but great for urban crossover.

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Concept

Of course, the concept has also received other necessary improvements. The H2 version has a proprietary Mirai-inspired hydrogen tank that supports high-pressure direct hydrogen injection technology. Winter testing of the H2 concept will begin in northern Japan soon.

The entire process of developing hydrogen vehicles is part of Toyota’s carbon neutrality plan, which management says cannot be achieved with battery-powered vehicles alone. For example, the automaker recently announced the development of an electric Hilux minivan that uses a second-generation Mirai hydrogen fuel cell.

Toyota Hilux on hydrogen? The automaker is working on a prototype


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