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Antetokounmpo «Double Numbers» - Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Antetokounmpo «Double Numbers» – Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Washington (AFP)

Last season’s champion Milwaukee Bucks returned from the Boston Celtics with a 101-89 victory, at the start of their series in the second round of the “Play of the NBA”, thanks to Greek Yannis Antetokounmpo, and the Golden State Warriors followed suit with his victorious return from the Memphis Grizzlies by a hard Self 117-116.
After he finished the regular season in the eastern region, the Celtics were Yemeni in taking advantage of the ground workers and the public during the playoffs, but he lost this advantage, after he was unable to stop the title holder and his Greek star, who achieved three double numbers “Triple Double”. He scored 24 points with 13 rebounds and 12 assists.
The Greek played a role in 55 of the 87 points scored by his team during his presence on the field, whether it was points or a pass, compensating for his difficult start in the match, as he suffered an intense defense against him, which caused him to lose the ball three times in the first five minutes.
But then he managed to enter the atmosphere of the match and lead his team, which is missing Chris Middleton with a left knee injury, to a good start for the series that remains Tuesday in Boston to play the second match out of seven possible.
Center player Jordan Bull stole the spotlight from his fellow stars in the Golden State Warriors, to lead his team to a victory over the Memphis Grizzlies 117-116, scoring 31 points with 9 assists and 8 rebounds, despite Draymond Green being sent off.
The team’s star Stephen Curry added 24 points, while the best scorer in the losing ranks was Ja Morant with 34 points, 10 assists and 9 rebounds, and his colleague Garen Jackson added 33 points and 10 rebounds.
And the Warriors suffered a strong blow when Greene was sent off in the second quarter for committing a flagrant mistake, when he “punched” his opponent, Brandon Clark, grabbed his shirt and dropped him to the ground.

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