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APEK: 94% of online shoppers consider user reviews

APEK: 94% of online shoppers consider user reviews

When choosing an online store for online shopping, almost all consumers (94%) follow user reviews from other customers. This was the result of a poll I conducted E-Commerce Association (APEK) in collaboration with Nielsen Admosphere on a sample of more than 1,000 participants. Next year, user reviews will be subject to a European directive aimed at increasing the credibility of specific ratings.

“As part of our collective research, we focused on how reviews affect internet users in online buying decisions. We were interested in whether they were more interested in evaluating specific products or the online stores where they buy merchandise. The results are clear to us. He showed that the importance of user reviews is very high. Today, he “evaluates the output of the CEO of APEK Jan Vitesca.

Users follow reviews especially when choosing an online store. According to user reviews, up to 97% of online customers decide to buy from a particular store. 42% of shoppers often follow reviews, sometimes another 42% and the remaining 13% in special cases. “Only 3% of respondents said that the comments of other consumers do not play a role for them. This proves how important a positive or negative customer expression can play,” adds Vetyška.

The research focused on the impact of reviews on the selection of particular items to buy from three perspectives – evaluation within the comparison, within the online store itself and within discussion forums. “The effect of feedback is practically the same in the first two categories. Therefore, customers are more likely to search for reviews in product search engines or directly in products in online stores. While 93% of shoppers use these resources occasionally, only 84% go to forums” Vetyška.

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Next year, the review will amend EU Directive 2019/2161, which amends rules in order to better enforce and modernize EU consumer protection legislation and adds a new 7-point article to the directive so-called misleading deletion in Directive 2005/29/EC. Posting Reviews, it should indicate whether and how it guarantees that the reviews published come from consumers who have actually used or purchased the product.

At the same time, if the online store sets up processes to check user ratings, it will also have to report how they are processed. For example, whether all reviews, positive or negative, have been posted. “On behalf of APEK, we will closely monitor the implementation of the directive in Czech law and all future interpretations. Unfortunately, we are now faced with the fact that the lower house of the Czech parliament is late in debating proposals that affect e-commerce. In the environment of online entrepreneurs, this creates a situation From the uncertainty about which rules will ever be applied, so this may be reflected in the innovations prepared by the European Union in the field of user reviews”, concludes Vetyška.