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Apple backed down.  After criticism, it will allow parts of apps in the App Store not to pay commissions from sales - Živě.cz

Apple backed down. After criticism, it will allow parts of apps in the App Store not to pay commissions from sales – Živě.cz

Apple often does not succumb to criticism, but this time it made a partial exception. California company announceThat, starting next year, some developers will no longer have to pay an App Store fee of 30 percent of payments made in apps. The store will allow them to forward payments to external systems from which Apple will not receive commissions.

The change will take effect from next year, and Apple will announce the exact date. It will cover the apps the company calls “reader” — all the book, news, music and video services where people consume content via a subscription. This means the new rules will also affect Netflix and Spotify, two companies that have had a major problem with Apple’s 30 percent commissions.

Spotify even filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission in 2019, and the iPhone manufacturer blamed it for anti-competitive practices. He then removed the subscription option from his iOS app. Netflix decided to take the same step in 2018.

But the reason Apple is now agreeing to the changes is different. It comes after an investigation by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission, which ruled that the company’s behavior and its imposition of a 30 percent commission on all payments was wrong. And she mainly drew attention to the fact that when people want to overpay for music, movies, etc., it makes no sense for Apple to take money from them just because the payment was made on the iPhone.

In doing so, Apple agreed that applications for these services would be able to contain a link that would redirect users to third-party payment sites. He said he had “very much respect” for the Japanese decision.

However, the novelty will not be about gaming, which is still the most lucrative area for mobile apps on which Apple earns the most. For this reason, he found himself in a court battle with the gaming company Epic, which did not yet have a clear winner. Anyway, the pressure on Apple is mounting, this week South Korea passed a law requiring Apple and Google to allow users to choose a payment system in their stores. The law is just waiting for the president to sign.